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By Flockstar Developer on Aug 4, 2023
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[Update August 4, 2023]

The free plan has been discontinued, however all users who switched from Flockstar Lite between June 11 and August 6 will continue to have access to the free plan.

[Update June 11, 2023]

For those transferring from Flockstar Lite, please make sure to install the latest version of Flockstar in order to take advantage of the free plan. To transfer your data, sign up with your email, then go to Settings > Upgrade from Flockstar Lite.

[Original Post]

It is with a mix of nostalgia and excitement that I announce the retirement of Flockstar Lite, the original version of my egg tracking app. As a solo developer, I have made the decision to focus my efforts on the enhanced and more powerful Flockstar app, which has been gaining significant popularity among poultry enthusiasts.

While Flockstar Lite will continue to function on existing devices, it will no longer be available for download. Additionally, starting from September 1, 2023, the ability to back up data to the cloud using Flockstar Lite will no longer be supported.

I want to assure you that I have taken every step to ensure a smooth transition to Flockstar, which not only supports basic egg tracking of a single flock for free, but also allows for transferring over your existing data. Let’s delve into the reasons why now is the perfect time to make the switch!

The Rise of Flockstar

Since its launch, the new Flockstar has received a fantastic response from backyard poultry enthusiasts, small-scale farm owners, and homesteaders. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Flockstar has become the go-to app for poultry management. By focusing my resources on enhancing Flockstar, I can provide an even better experience for my users in the coming years.

Sunset for Flockstar Lite

While I understand the attachment users may have developed for Flockstar Lite, I believe it is necessary to retire the app to maintain my commitment to continuous improvement. Although Flockstar Lite will continue to function on existing devices, it will no longer be available for new downloads. This step allows me to streamline efforts, ensuring that I can provide the best possible experience with Flockstar.

Data Loss Protection

Starting September 1, 2023, Flockstar Lite will no longer support data backup to the cloud. I recognize the importance of data security and convenience, which is why Flockstar offers seamless, continuous cloud syncing. This improvement empowers users to safeguard their flock data, ensuring it is easily accessible and protected against any potential device failures or data loss.

Flockstar: The Better Choice

I invite all Flockstar Lite users to embrace the new and improved Flockstar. Not only does Flockstar provide an array of advanced features, but it also allows you to transfer over your existing single flock for free. Here’s why you should make the switch:

  • Advanced Features: Flockstar comes packed with additional functionalities, including enhanced egg production tracking, with much better graphs and trends based on weekly, monthly or yearly time ranges.

  • Improved User Experience: I have refined the interface and navigation within Flockstar, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. With its sleek design and enhanced performance, Flockstar offers a seamless and enjoyable experience.

  • Cloud Backup and Sync: With Flockstar, your flock data will be securely backed up and synchronized across multiple devices. This ensures easy access to your data at any time and from anywhere, without the risk of losing valuable information.

  • Premium Features: Upgrade to a paid subscription to enjoy premium features:

    • Multiple flocks - Unlimited groupings to organize by species, breed, or anything!
    • Finances - Track expenses and sales with categories, vendors, customer lists and more
    • Journal - Log flock member events with notes, photos, and tags
    • Data export - generate Excel-compatible files for external analysis.

As I retire Flockstar Lite, I want express my heartfelt gratitude to all the users who have supported both apps over the years. I encourage you to make the transition to Flockstar, the feature-rich, user-friendly flagship app that offers enhanced functionality and a growing user base. With Flockstar, managing your flock has never been easier.

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