Free Plan Update

By Flockstar Developer on Aug 4, 2023
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The free plan in Flockstar was added in June to help encourage the remaining users of Flockstar Lite to make the switch. The vast majority have switched, and Lite is officially retired. With that milestone reached, I will be rolling out an update to require a subscription again for all new users.

Anyone who made the switch recently and is using the free plan - I want to assure you that your access will NOT be affected by this change.

There is a saying in tech - “When an app or service is free, YOU are the product”.

Most of the time, when a company offers apps for free they are doing things like - 1) Tracking your every move, 2) Collecting as much data about you as possible, 3) Offering the data about you to ad networks, 4) Showing you ads, or 5) Marketing other things directly to you.

Flockstar is different. It’s made by a single independent developer who actually raises chickens. I do not collect personal data other than your email address (for signing in). I don’t run ads, or sell anything. User subscriptions entirely fund the hundreds of hours that go into building and maintaining the app and the servers behind the scenes.

Going forward, I will make it clear to new users that the app requires a low-cost subscription, billed by the App Store or Google Play, and of course everyone can try it out for 1 week before billing kicks in.

My commitment to you:

  • Professional, high quality software
  • Secure, reliable access to your flock data and photos
  • Updates and enhancements on a regular basis
  • Outstanding customer service

Thank you for being part of the Flockstar community! I appreciate your support ❤️

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