Release Notes

By Flockstar Developer on Mar 14, 2023
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New or changed in 2.3.0:

  • Changed the swipeable row of tabs to a drop down menu for switching between flocks.
  • The flock list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Automatically switches to a newly added flock on the Flocks screen.
  • Visual cues when filters are applied to lists.

New or changed in 2.2.1:

This update includes a few enhancements to the Finances and Activity screens:

  • Expenses and Sales details now displayed separately on Finances screen
  • Added new pie charts - Expenses by Vendor and Sales by Customer
  • Added Cost per egg to Expenses section
  • Activity screen now flags days with photos (camera icon) and damaged eggs (warning icon)
  • Activity screen shows summary of activities at bottom when you tap on a day. Tap and hold (long press) to skip to the details screen
  • Fixed a bug that would clear the Dozens Sold field when editing a Sales entry
  • Fixed a few layout bugs for certain device sizes

New or changed in 2.2.0:

  • Improved sort and filter controls on Flocks screen
  • Added “Unknown” sex option
  • Activity screen filters are now persisted
  • Fixed average eggs per day calculation bug
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Daily Activity to display the incorrect activity count
  • Fixed a bug that reversed the sort when sorting by age
  • Updated app icon

Changed in 2.1.1:

  • New privacy settings and consent on initial app launch. Your data is never sold, or used for marketing or advertising.
  • Fixes a crash when blanking out the Breed field on a flock member.
  • Fixes a bug that caused Quick Logger to ignore the selected date on the Activity Log.

New or changed in 2.1.0:

  • The Trends screen is renamed to Egg Tracking and includes a leaderboard for the selected range
  • The Finances section from Trends is now on its own tab
  • Egg Tracking and Finances now both have an “All Flocks” roll up of stats
  • Tap on the bars in the chart to view details in a tooltip
  • The chart now displays the value from the prior period for each increment
  • Jump to specific dates on Eggs, Finances, and Activity with the date selector
  • Expanded the orange button menu to include all types of logging (Journal entries, new Flock, new Members)
  • Removed the “Flockstars” screen. Award ribbons are still assigned and visible on the Flocks screen
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