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By Flockstar Developer on Oct 4, 2023
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New or changed in 2.14.0:

This update brings a big improvement to the Journal, which is now available directly from the bottom tab bar. Notes can be recorded and assigned to the entire flock and allow optional selection of one or more flock members. Find your notes by week, month, or year and apply filters for notes with specific tags or with photos attached.

Other change in this version:

  • Fixes flock and flock member names being cut off on the Leaderboard
  • Changes the color code dot for Individual Egg entries to green to stand out better in Activity

New or changed in 2.13.0:

This update brings a few minor bug fixes, along with a quick way to switch between flocks without having to navigate back to the My Flocks screen. Pressing the flock name will open a menu with your list of active flocks.

Other changes:

  • My Flocks screen now displays the active member count for each flock
  • Displays flock member age in weeks up to 26 weeks
  • Replaces comma with dot in the numeric keyboard for EU region devices

New or changed in 2.12.1:

  • Internal maintenance updates only, along with a change to the in-app subscription requirements.

New or changed in 2.12.0:

Version 2.12.0 brings a major change to how flocks are viewed and organized. The concept of a flock is expanded way beyond simply a name for a group of flock members. Now you can add a photo, give it a start date and description, and even indicate whether it is used for egg tracking or not.

  • Added a new My Flocks screen to make it easier and more powerful to utilize the multiple flocks feature. Give your flocks a photo, and some other new attributes like Start Date, and Description. Sort and filter your flock list with the tool bar at the top.
  • You can now indicate whether a flock is used for egg tracking or not. Non-egg tracking flocks do not appear in the various dropdowns or lists related to egg tracking.
  • Flocks can now be archived. Archived flocks will be hidden all through the app, but are available to unarchive at any time.
  • The orange “Action Button” in the bottom right corner is now aware of which screen you are using and only presents menu items that are applicable to the current screen.
  • The Egg Log now has a drop down control to switch between individual layers.

New or changed in 2.11.0:

Two new features that are the direct result of user suggestions and feedback:

  • Changed the flock member Egg Log screen to a calendar view instead of a list. Go to Flocks > Tap a member > Egg Log to view the calendar.
  • Added a shortcut from the flock member list on the Flocks screen to create a Journal entry (Requires Premium).

New or changed in 2.10.0:

  • Included in v2.10.0 is a new full screen, landscape mode egg production chart. Tap the open icon in the upper right corner of the egg chart and turn your device to the side.

New or changed in 2.8.0:

  • Implemented a multi-colored bar chart for easy comparison of egg production across multiple flocks.
  • Lightning-fast selection: Quickly choose previously used breeds, vendors, customers, and dozens sold.
  • Overhauled implementation of the orange action button and pop-up menu for lag-free performance.
  • Fixed missing line break in the egg chart tooltip.

New or changed in 2.7.0:

Flockstar is now free for basic tracking of a single flock. Purchase a subscription to unlock advanced features like better organization with unlimited flocks, expense and sales tracking, and a flock member journal for logging and tagging important events. With this change, the original free app, Flockstar Lite, will be retired.

Other changes in this release:

  • Flock Entry is now called Bulk Entry
  • Filter by flock in the Activity and Activity Details screens
  • The Activity screen now scrolls up to show the summary area after pressing on a date in the calendar

New or changed in 2.5.0:

  • Updated free trial process - new users can now try the app for 5 days without starting a subscription.
  • When the trial or subscription period ends, users have view-only access to their flock data.
  • Added a Welcome screen for new users, shown after initial app launch.
  • Added ability to export on-device data files for troubleshooting or support.
  • Age is now displayed in weeks for the first 16 weeks from hatch date.
  • Fixed a bug that caused eggs or journal entries for a deleted flock member to appear in Activity.

New or changed in 2.4.0:

  • Duplicate a flock member from the Flocks screen. Click the 3-dot icon on the row for the member, then press “Duplicate member”.
  • Filter the member list by flock on the Quick Logger screen. Helpful for users with a large number of flocks.
  • Add an optional tag to your Journal entries - Medication, Health, Broody, Molting, or Deceased.
  • Filter Journal entries by tags or attached photo.
  • The hatch date picker now allows dates more than 5 years in the past.

New or changed in 2.3.0:

  • Changed the swipeable row of tabs to a drop down menu for switching between flocks.
  • The flock list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Automatically switches to a newly added flock on the Flocks screen.
  • Visual cues when filters are applied to lists.

New or changed in 2.2.1:

This update includes a few enhancements to the Finances and Activity screens:

  • Expenses and Sales details now displayed separately on Finances screen
  • Added new pie charts - Expenses by Vendor and Sales by Customer
  • Added Cost per egg to Expenses section
  • Activity screen now flags days with photos (camera icon) and damaged eggs (warning icon)
  • Activity screen shows summary of activities at bottom when you tap on a day. Tap and hold (long press) to skip to the details screen
  • Fixed a bug that would clear the Dozens Sold field when editing a Sales entry
  • Fixed a few layout bugs for certain device sizes

New or changed in 2.2.0:

  • Improved sort and filter controls on Flocks screen
  • Added “Unknown” sex option
  • Activity screen filters are now persisted
  • Fixed average eggs per day calculation bug
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Daily Activity to display the incorrect activity count
  • Fixed a bug that reversed the sort when sorting by age
  • Updated app icon

Changed in 2.1.1:

  • New privacy settings and consent on initial app launch. Your data is never sold, or used for marketing or advertising.
  • Fixes a crash when blanking out the Breed field on a flock member.
  • Fixes a bug that caused Quick Logger to ignore the selected date on the Activity Log.

New or changed in 2.1.0:

  • The Trends screen is renamed to Egg Tracking and includes a leaderboard for the selected range
  • The Finances section from Trends is now on its own tab
  • Egg Tracking and Finances now both have an “All Flocks” roll up of stats
  • Tap on the bars in the chart to view details in a tooltip
  • The chart now displays the value from the prior period for each increment
  • Jump to specific dates on Eggs, Finances, and Activity with the date selector
  • Expanded the orange button menu to include all types of logging (Journal entries, new Flock, new Members)
  • Removed the “Flockstars” screen. Award ribbons are still assigned and visible on the Flocks screen
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