From Coop to Cloud: Poultry Tracking Made Easy

Flockstar is the all-in-one app for egg production, hatching, finances, and flock records. Perfect for small-scale farms, hobbyists, and backyard enthusiasts alike!

  • $29.99 USD yearly
  • 1-week free trial
  • No ads, no marketing, no tracking
  • Your data belongs to YOU
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User Reviews

“This app is all in one! I have a small egg farm and I manage everything here! Bird inventory, eggs, sales and expenses. I export to Excel once per month for my statements and it’s perfect. “
—MotherH3N, App Store
“Love this app! People always ask me how I keep track of my flock. I tell them “there’s an app for that!” Seriously though, I would never be able to remember all the names my kids come up with for our 40+ flock of chicks, ducks and turkeys. This is literally a lifesaving hack for homesteading mamas. “
—There’s an App for that! , App Store
“ I have been using this since I started in the spring 2021. The improvements being made are great and still in love with this app. Thanks. “
—Amy B., Play Store
“ This is a great app and the value is amazing. Since I purchased it I have been using it everyday! Highly recommend it. “
—Kathleen, Play Store


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About Flockstar

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Flockstar is designed, built, and maintained by a single independent developer and backyard chicken enthusiast. User subscriptions fund 100% of future upgrades and improvements, ensuring that Flockstar continues to evolve and improve. For feedback, suggestions, or help please reach out on Facebook, or by email: