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Organize your flocks, monitor egg production, track finances, and so much more!

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  • $19.99 yearly (USD)
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About Flockstar

Flockstar is the go-to poultry management app, designed especially for small poultry businesses, hobby farmers, and serious backyard chicken enthusiasts. With Flockstar, it is easy and fun to organize your flocks, monitor egg production, and keep track of finances all in one place.

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Flockstar is designed, built, and maintained by a single independent developer and backyard chicken enthusiast. User subscriptions fund 100% of future upgrades and improvements, ensuring that Flockstar continues to evolve. For feedback, suggestions, or help please reach out on Facebook, or by email: support@flockstarapp.com

Feature Highlights
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Egg Production

Useful stats and trends on how things are going with your flocks.

  • Egg count by week, month or year
  • Egg weight and damaged egg tracking
  • Up or down trends from previous periods
  • Log eggs by individual layer, or in bulk for the whole flock
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Flock Organizer

Flockstar is not just for chickens! Organize your layers into multiple flocks based on species, breed, location, egg color, or anything else. Chickens and Ducks? No problem. Orpingtons and Barred Rocks? Go for it! Brown eggs and White eggs? Easy.

  • Swipe between flocks or navigate using the top tabs
  • Easily add new flocks or rename existing flocks
  • Useful for tracking egg performace without identifying individual layers with each egg
Screenshot of Flocks screen
Expense and Sales Tracking

Track your flock-keeping expenses across different categories and vendors. If you sell your eggs or birds, record income to track your overall profit.

  • Choose your preferred currency display format
  • Export to CSV file for external analysis
  • Attach a photo of a receipt with each expense entry
Screenshot of Profile screen
Member Profiles

Create detailed profiles for each flock member. View a gallery of photos, add an entry into the Journal, view awards earned, and of course log eggs to keep track of performance.

Screenshot or Activity screen
So Much More!

Flockstar is a complete ground-up rebuild of the original Flockstar app, now called Flockstar Lite. It includes many new features and upgrades based on years of insights from thousands of users.

  • Continuous online sync of data and photos, no need to manually back up!
  • Use across multiple phones
  • Simple, secure, password-less sign up and sign in
  • Export data to CSV files, allowing external spreadsheet analysis
  • More sort and filter options
  • Better egg tracking and stats for users with large flocks, or those who do not wish to individually record eggs
  • Dark or Light Mode, follows your system settings for color mode
User Feedback
" This app is all in one! I have a small egg farm and I manage everything here! Bird inventory, eggs, sales and expenses. I export to Excel once per month for my statements and it’s perfect. "

MotherH3N on Mar 17, 2023

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" Love this app! People always ask me how I keep track of my flock. I tell them “there’s an app for that!” Seriously though, I would never be able to remember all the names my kids come up with for our 40+ flock of chicks, ducks and turkeys. This is literally a lifesaving hack for homesteading mamas. "

There’s an App for that! on Jul 7, 2023

App Store

" This is the perfect app for keeping up with your flock and eggs. I love this app! "

Amy B. on Jun 12, 2023

Google Play

" I have been using this since I started in the spring 2021. The improvements being made are great and still in love with this app. Thanks. "

Kathleen on Mar 29, 2023

Google Play

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